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    Make a Change
    for the Fresher

    Have some fun and put yourself to the test with the Fresh 180˚™ challenge. Get swimming suit ready, save money, free up time, and stay organized in two weeks or less. Think it’s impossible?

  • Ziploc® brand VersaGlass™ Containers
    Ziploc® brand VersaGlass™ Containers

    Now you can store, heat and serve—all in one container. These new, tempered-glass Ziploc® brand Containers help you save time, money and effort.

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  • Ziploc® Brand Bags with the Smart Zip® Seal
    Ziploc® brand Bags with the Smart Zip® Seal

    Saving food saves you money. You can hear and feel the bag close from edge-to-edge, so you know your food is protected.

  • ShelfLife 101
    Shelf Life 101

    With this informative guide,you can learn how long your food will keep in the fridge or freezer. It's a great way to get more out of the foods you love.

Get More Out of Your Favorite Foods:
Shelf Life 101
Wondering how long your food will keep in your freezer or fridge? Shelf life 101 has the answers. Use this resource to help you plan better, save more and waste less.
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This Week's Tips

"I use the sandwich sized bags to store small lots of nails. I punch a hole in the left top of a bag and then hang it on a peg on a pegboard. The nails are then visible, accessible, and remain rust-free. No more tin can scramble to find the right nail for the job. Ziploc saves the day!"

James R., Escanaba, MI

"I always place a sandwich baggie over my hand before greasing a pan(such as a 9X13 pan), or before spreading cake/cookie/bar dough in a pan. Many cake, casserole and other recipes call for the pan to be greased. Many other recipes ask for you to smooth the mixture out in the pan.Place the baggie over your hand, grease the pan,then pull the baggie off when done so the greased part is now on the inside of the baggie. Same when spreading a sticky or doughy mixture, Then throw the baggie away and call it good! No fuss, no muss!"

Debbie M., Dallas, TX
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