Ziploc® brand Compostable* Sandwich Bags

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Ziploc® brand Compostable* Sandwich Bags
Same freshness, less waste.
Ziploc® brand Compostable Food Sandwich Bags offer trusted Ziploc® brand quality to keep your food fresh. They're perfect on the go and can be used to store sandwiches, fresh fruits and vegetables. And since they are made of compostable materials, they can reduce landfill waste and create valuable soil supplement when composted in a commercial composting program.

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  • Secure seal locks in freshness.
  • Ideal for packing sandwiches, pizza slices, subs, cookies, fruit, carrot sticks, chips and more.
  • Great for grab-and-go snacking.
  • Contain compostable materials that can reduce landfill waste.

Note: Ziploc® brand Compostable Bags are not for backyard composting. For use only with curbside commercial composting that accepts food scraps and compostable bags. Check for availability in your community; these facilities do not exist in many areas. If you have curbside commercial composting, be sure to determine what types of food scraps are accepted.

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Handy Tips
  • I like to use the Ziploc Storage Bags to ice cookies and cakes. Put you icing in and zip up.. then clip the bottom corner and ready to ice. Cut smaller holes for detail work.
  • I used Big Bags to move the kids clothes to college. Instant luggage that stayed dry and didn't take up any space after being unpacked. Easy to carry up to a dorm room, easily marked, and easily stored.
  • Keep a Ziploc® Brand Bag in your sock drawers for socks with a missing mate. If the missing sock reappears, you know where to find its pal.