Ziploc® brand Double Guard® Freezer Bags

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Ziploc® brand Double Guard® Freezer Bags
The best bag for preventing freezer burn.
When freezer burn attacks, food (and money) can end up in the trash. Protect your food and your wallet with our Double Guard® Freezer Bags. Each bag combines a protective outer layer with a unique textured InnerCling™ layer that clings to food, keeping out air and reducing freezer burn better than any other bag.
Available Sizes:

  • Perfect for freezing meat, poultry, fish, and more.
  • Designed exclusively to protect food against freezer burn.
  • Helps to preserve original flavor.
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Handy Tips
  • Cook a bigger batch of beef or chicken, and then divide into meal-size portions. Place into Ziploc® Brand Double Guard® Freezer Bags and freeze. Next time, dinner’s ready when you are!
  • I remove bacon from its packaging & place side by side on wax paper to fit into Ziploc Freezer Bags. Label bag with item name & date. Place in bag, press to remove air, seal, & place in freezer.
  • Stale bread has a great use as breadcrumbs after I grind them in my food processor and store them in the freezer in a Ziploc Bag. They are always available when I need them.
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Box Tops For Education
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