Ziploc® brand Perfect Portions™ Bags

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Ziploc® brand Perfect Portions™ Bags
Go ahead, get more from your food.

With Ziploc® brand Perfect Portions™ Bags getting the most from your food – especially bulk food items, such as meat and poultry – is simpler than ever. Not only do these ultra-light bags take the mess and effort out of portioning bulk foods, Perfect Portions™ Bags offer unbeatable freezer burn protection* when used with Ziploc® brand Freezer bags. All of which means you’ll be saving time, saving money and saving yourself from icky messes when you use Ziploc® brand Perfect Portions™ Bags.

*Compared to using single layer zippered bags alone.

Available Sizes :

  • Ideal for freezing and portioning bulk food items, especially raw meats such as ground beef and poultry
  • Helps reduce raw meat contact on hands and in the kitchen
  • The bags cling to meat, creating a virtual seal and reducing the risk of freezer burn
  • Allows for quick and easy thawing of frozen meat, in the portion of your choice

  1. Place your hand in the bag and pick up your desired serving size. Turn the bag inside out.
  2. Press air out of the bag, then fold and twist.
  3. Put the individual bags into a Ziploc® brand Freezer bag.
Handy Tips
  • Use Ziploc® Perfect Portions™ bags to portion out—and form—individual hamburger patties!
  • Ziploc® Perfect Portions™ bags are great for portioning out fresh cookie dough and freezing for a later use!
  • A true time-saver—marinate your meat, portion out your preferred serving size with Ziploc® Perfect Portions™ bags, and freeze for later!
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