Ziploc® brand Vacuum Freezer System

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Ziploc® brand Vacuum Freezer System
Removes air for freezer-burn protection.
With the Ziploc® brand Vacuum Freezer System, you can protect your food against freezer burn, which means less wasted food and money. The Starter Kit includes specially designed vacuum bags and a simple, battery-free, air removal pump. The bags have a special one-way valve that allows air in the bags to be removed. They're great for freezing steak, hamburger, chicken and more. Starter Kit includes one Vacuum Sealer Pump and three quart-size Vacuum Freezer Bags.
Available Sizes:

The Ziploc® brand Vacuum Freezer System is easy to use, and it makes buying in bulk a cost-effective way to feed your family. And it's the least expensive vacuum sealing system available.*

  • The Ziploc® brand Zipper ensures and maintains a tight vacuum seal.
  • Specially developed multi-layered bags and one-way valve allow for the removal of air.
  • Bags are microwave safe when used as directed. See Microwave Instructions.
  • Pump is dishwasher safe.
  • Bags are resealable—you can remove part of the original contents and reseal the bag.
  • Bags are not intended for reuse.
  • For household use only.

Caution: To avoid danger of suffocation, keep bags away from babies and young children.

*Based on MSRP. Prices may vary by retailer


  • To improve pump performance, lubricate tube with a drop or two of food-grade oil, preferably mineral oil.
  • Prefreeze moist or juicy foods to avoid drawing liquid into pump during vacuum sealing.
  • Blanch vegetables and prefreeze fruit before placing in the Vacuum Freezer Bag.

To use:

  1. Place item in bag, making sure not to overfill the bag. It is important that the vacuum valve, indicated by the blue circle, does not come in contact with any juices, oils, powders or other substances.
  2. Seal the zipper.
  3. Place the bag on a flat surface.
  4. Place the pump on the Ziploc® brand Vacuum bag. Important: Make sure that the pump is placed in the center of the blue circle and directly on the vacuum valve.
  1. Keep the pump and bag placed flat and firm against the flat surface.
  2. Pull the pump handle until the bag conforms tightly to its contents.
  3. Use caution when sealing food with sharp edges (like pasta) which could puncture the bag.

Note: Not recommended for liquids like soups and sauces or powdery foods or items containing small particles.

To use in microwave:

Bags are microwave safe when used as directed.

  1. Open zipper one inch to vent.
  2. Place bag on a microwave-safe dish or plate.
  1. Handle with care when removing. Bag and contents may be hot. Do not overheat contents as bag may melt.

To clean the pump:

  1. Separate the pump into two sections by unscrewing the top.
  2. Remove top handle from tube.
  1. Hand wash or place in the silverware rack of dishwasher.
  2. Allow to dry completely before reassembling.

Safety Tips:

  • To avoid danger of suffocation or injury, keep bags and pump out of reach of children.
  • Do not reuse soiled bag, as directed.
  • Clean pump after every use.
  • Do not use bags in a conventional oven.

Problem: When I pump, the bag is not getting a vacuum seal.

There are three possible reasons why this is happening.

Probable Cause 1:

The pump is lifting off the bag as you pump.


Be certain to maintain complete contact between the pump and bag as you pump. This is done most simply by keeping the bag and pump placed firmly on a flat surface as you pump.

Probable Cause 2:

Food is caught in the vacuum bag valve or bag zipper.


If you are vacuum sealing substances that are powdery, oily, salty or could otherwise interfere with the valve closure or bag zipper, try wrapping these substances separately before vacuum sealing.

Probable Cause 3:

Pump is not correctly aligned over the bag's vacuum valve.


Check that you have placed the pump on the appropriate location on the bag, as indicated by an arrow. This specially designed valve is not to be removed.

Problem: The bag was properly vacuum sealed, but when I look at it later, the vacuum seal is gone.

Probable Cause:

The zipper is not closed securely.


Ensure that the zipper is completely sealed before pumping the bag.

Problem: The screw top of the pump has separated and is in two pieces.


The screw top of the pump handle has become detached during cleaning and/or disassembly.


Place the two halves of the screw top around pump handle and simply snap together. Be certain that the screw top will face pump body when assembling. Place top handle back into pump body and screw into place.

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Handy Tips
  • Ziploc bags enable me to buy meat in bulk, divide up the meat into several portions, and freeze it. Whenever I cook I just take out one bag and defrost it.
  • I love cilantro, but it is hard to keep fresh, I use the freezer vacumn sealer on all my fresh herbs.. take out what I want, seal, remove air and VIOLA.. fresh herbs to the last leaf.
  • I noticed your Vacuum Freezer Bags and thought they would work for my 8 or 12 oz. blocks of cheese which always mold before we can finish. Want you to know they work very well and reseal perfect.
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