Ziploc® brand Zip’n Steam® Microwave Cooking Bags

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Ziploc® brand Zip’n Steam® Microwave Cooking Bags
For healthy meals in minutes!
Ziploc® brand Zip’n Steam® Microwave Cooking Bags combine the taste and nutritional benefits of steam cooking with all the convenience of your microwave.

Each bag has patented vents that allow food to be steamed under pressure so that it is cooked thoroughly and evenly for quick, healthy, delicious meals.
Available Sizes:

  • Ideal for steaming fresh or frozen vegetables, potatoes, fish, poultry and more.
  • Each bag holds 2–3 servings.
  • Microwaveable (use as directed).
  • No cleanup—simply toss the bag and mess away!
  • Microwave cooking means quicker, easier meals.
  • Each bag is printed with useful guidelines for cooking times.

Caution: To avoid danger of suffocation, keep bags away from babies and young children.

  1. Place food and seasonings in bag and seal firmly. Spread items into an even layer. Do not overlap meats. For best results with vegetables, add one tablespoon of water.
  2. Lay bag in microwave with indicated side up and cook using guidelines on bag. Bag will inflate during cooking and a whistling sound may be heard.
  3. Let bag stand for one minute, then open bag carefully holding top of bag where indicated. Serve and enjoy!

Safety Tips

  • Bag and contents will become hot during microwaving. Wait at least one minute after cooking to handle the bag.
  • Handle with care after cooking as hot steam may escape.
  • When opening the bag, hold the top of the bag and open away from your body.
  • To prevent overheating, do not use bags with foods high in fat (like bacon) or sugar (like barbecue sauce) or exceed cook times of 15 minutes. Do not use in conventional oven, under browning elements, or on stovetop.

  • You can refrigerate ingredients in a Ziploc® Zip'n Steam® Bag for up to two days before microwaving. For longer storage, place in the freezer for up to two weeks prior to cooking.
  • Prep individual healthy lunches and snacks in Ziploc® Zip'n Steam® Bags. Since you can use different seasonings in each bag, every member of your family can simply grab a favorite and pop it into the microwave.
  • Use Ziploc® Zip'n Steam® Bags to provide easy meals in minutes for friends and family who may feel under the weather and aren’t up to a bout of stove cooking.
  • Prep meals for family members who will be eating at different times so each person can enjoy a freshly cooked hot meal.
  • When planning a party, prep your food ahead of time in a Ziploc® Zip'n Steam® Bag and cook it as needed. That way, you can spend more time with your guests.
  • Bring your share of a potluck dinner in Ziploc® Zip'n Steam® Bags. Your contribution will be ready in just minutes, and your hosts will appreciate the easy cleanup.
  • For home-cooked meals wherever you travel, pack some pre-prepped Ziploc® Zip'n Steam® meals in a cooler, and then unpack and steam at your destination.
  • Is your toddler a picky eater? Make him feel at home wherever he is with his favorite foods steamed in a Ziploc® Zip'n Steam® Bag.
  • Give your college student a supply of Ziploc® Zip'n Steam® Bags. You’ll feel better knowing that he can quickly cook a healthy meal in his dorm-room microwave.
  • Streamline your favorite recipes that use cooked chicken (for example, chicken salad, chicken Caesar salad, chicken quesadillas).Thoroughly cook boneless, skinless chicken breast halves in Ziploc® Zip'n Steam® Bags. Then slice or cube the chicken as needed.
  • Simplify your holiday cooking, free up space on the stovetop and ease the washing up. Cook mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes or easy, healthful side dishes in Ziploc® Zip'n Steam® Bags—without creating more dishes to clean!

*Calories are approximate

  • Cut foods into roughly equal size pieces, especially if mixing food types. After filling bags, pat ingredients into a single layer for microwave cooking.
  • When cooking meats, leave space between individual pieces rather than crowd them. Check larger pieces of food and food in the center of the bag for doneness. If additional cooking is needed, reseal bag and resume microwaving in 30-second increments as needed.
  • Fold the top edge of Ziploc® Zip'n Steam® Bags down and out to create a wide mouth that will stay open, making the bags easier to fill and keeping the zipper area clean to ensure a tight, secure seal.
  • Occasionally, liquid ingredients may escape through the steam vents in the bag. To facilitate cleanup, place a paper towel under the bag before microwave cooking.

Seasoning Tips

  • Powdered or concentrated seasonings like garlic powder or dried herbs, should be placed in the bag before cooking.
  • Liquid ingredients (like lemon juice, lime juice or soy sauce) and fresh herbs are best added after cooking.
  • Ziploc® Zip'n Steam® Bags make the most of small quantities of butter and oil. To evenly distribute the flavor, put a teaspoon or so into the bag after cooking vegetables and shake gently.

Cooking Potatoes

  • Ziploc® Zip'n Steam® Bags are an excellent solution for make-ahead mashed potatoes. Cook, cool and mash the potatoes right in the bag. Then put the bag in the refrigerator for up to two hours. Reheat before serving, adding milk as needed for the desired consistency. For easy serving, cut the corner off the cooking bag to use it like a pastry bag to pipe individual servings onto plates.
  • For quick and easy potato salad, simply dice potatoes and cook in a Ziploc® Zip'n Steam® Bag. Then transfer the cooked potatoes to a large bowl, mix with your favorite potato salad ingredients and serve.

Cooking Fish

  • When cooking whole pieces of fish, enjoy them plain or add your own personal touch for a mess-free and low-fat meal.
  • If you'd like to add some additional flavor, prepare a rub of spices and/or herbs and coat the top of the fish before cooking. The rub adheres to the fish during cooking so you can taste the flavors in every bite.
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Handy Tips
  • Prepare a work lunch in a Ziploc® Zip'n Steam® Bag and when lunchtime rolls around, pull the bag from the fridge and quickly steam a healthy meal.
  • For healthier side dishes with hardly any cleanup, cook fresh vegetables in a Ziploc® Zip'n Steam® Bag.
  • Bringing home leftovers from restaurants is now very easy. Placing the leftovers into the Zip'n Steam bags makes for secure transport, compact storage, and easy to microwave when home.
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