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Landfill Diversion

Landfill Diversion

Every day, the average American generates 4.5 pounds of trash.1 In a year, that adds up to an estimated 250 million tons.2 So where does it all go? Well, approximately 33 percent of that waste is actually recycled or composted, about 13 percent is burned, and the remaining 54 percent gets buried in landfills. But what if we could decrease that landfill piece of the pie by increasing the recycling one? As the makers of Ziploc® brand products, we are committed to doing just that. Our first step? Landfill diversion.

What does “landfill diversion” mean?

Basically, we’re talking about helping to keep our country’s landfills from growing any bigger as a result of our products. Our goal is to offset the amount of Ziploc® brand products we produce every year—that could potentially end up in landfills—by making sure the same amount of other recyclable materials actually gets recycled instead of just thrown away.

Encouraging more people to recycle means more gets recycled and not thrown away. By 2013, we will be diverting well over 100 million pounds of waste from our country’s landfills, the same amount we manufacture in Ziploc® brand products every year. And if we can help divert even more waste, our collective impact on landfills gets even smaller.

So pick up a box of Ziploc® brand Bags or Containers at your local store and help us help keep landfills from growing.

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