Ziploc® brand Sustainability

Reusable Containers

Resusable Container

When it comes to looking out for the future, it’s important to reuse products whenever possible, rather than just throwing them into the trash after their first use. That’s why we’ve designed all Ziploc® brand Containers so that they can be used multiple times. When containers get reused, less trash ends up in landfills and less manufacturing energy gets used up. That’s good news all around.

How Long Should You Use Ziploc® brand Containers?

The life expectancy of a Ziploc® brand Container depends on how often it's used and how it's used. If the lid no longer seals adequately or the container cracks, then it’s time to get a new container.

Recycling Your Ziploc® brand Containers

Ziploc® brand Containers are made from polypropylene and can be recycled in a limited but growing number of communities across the country. This means that when it’s time to replace a used container with a new one, that used container can be converted into a new product rather than being sent to a landfill. It’s just one more way to support a more sustainable future.

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