Ziploc® brand Smart Zip® bags and Smart Snap® containers

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Protection You Can Hear!™

Seal 'n Save! Ziploc® brand bags and containers with the Smart Zip® and Smart Snap® seals help keep your foods fresh and secure—and that keeps your wallet full!

Ziploc® Smart Zip® Bags

Smart Zip® bags from Ziploc® are perfect for storing cookies, snacks, fruit slices and more. Sealing the Smart Zip® bag is as simple as sliding your fingers across the textured seal. You’ll actually hear and feel the continuous lock forming beneath your fingers.

Ziploc® Smart Snap® Containers

Smart Snap® containers are fully portable, making them the perfect tote for on-the-go food, liquids, gifts and household items! All it takes is one press and you’ll hear the lid securely close.

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